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I bring extra help but I’m not attache to Pills. In any business there is an owner or someone who believes in the business more than others and makes maximum efforts. Personal brand and charity But one day there is a turning point. Or the product becomes stronger than such a person and then you nee to focus on tweaking the processes so that the product is sold. Or something happens to the owner and the business falls apart. If you create a business solely on your reputation as an owner then there is no you – there is no money. For example there is Dr.

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Komarovsky whose business is directly relate to his personality. And there are companies where the owner relie on the brand of the product  service Ecuador Business Email List promote it debugge the processes and can do something else but this will not affect the results. Either your business develops and develops into something more or it depends on your presence in the business and works as long as you exist. Personal brand and charity I did not advertise my move to Moscow for a long time. At the end of 0 I realize that I can safely say about the change of residence and this will not affect the fund.

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There was already a team that I could rely on. We have establishe our work processes. For the last two years we’ve only been polishing everything. Every day I get less and less involve in operational moments only in strategic issues. After the move I realize that as a person I am more than a brand of the foundation I create. About social meia BO Leads presence On Facebook I write about work personal posts are only available to friends. I run Instagram more like a blog. Personal brand and charity A person’s reputation depends on his inner values ​​and principles. I deliberately do not make paid advertising in social networks I am ready to talk only about the partners of the fund.

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