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This is not a breakdown of my brand but different aspects of life. How self-doubt gets in the way of building a personal brand How to recognize your merit photoaf0be0.jpg Alchanova Elena Alchanova columnist at Laba Actors and business owners journalists and musicians – many of them turn themselves into a brand. Employers are chasing such names they are primarily chosen by clients. But every person is sometimes visite by thoughts How did I deserve this I’m not worth anything. It seems that those around him are about to expose him and his reputation will collapse.

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How to recognize your merits 0 Why do we underestimate ourselves You exhibit paintings in the best galleries manage a company or gather thousands of people at concerts. Whatever you do you nee self-confidence to move forward. How to Falkland Islands Business Email List acknowlege your accomplishments One morning you wake up and it seems that it’s not your paintings that go under the hammer it’s not your product on advertising posters it’s not your concert tickets that sell out in half a day. You don’t deserve your victories. Indecision grows the process of self-abasement can continue indefinitely. This feeling is calle impostor syndrome. Psychologists first spoke about this phenomenon in.

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It was believe that women often think that others overestimate them. Later it turne out that men are also susceptible to the syndrome. This is not a mental disorder and not an innate quality. For a long time the impostor syndrome was considere a character BO Leads trait but this theory was not confirme either. According to experts the key to the puzzle comes from childhood. There are two common scenarios that cause us to lose confidence in ourselves icon In the first case parents pay much attention to the achievements of the child praise for good grades They do not show warm feelings just like that for no reason.

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