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 If you’re confident that you can capture searchers’ attention through different content types. Formats. And angles. Then try your best to try it out. Part 5 how to prioritize keywords keyword prioritization is not the last step in the keyword research process. Rather. It is something that nees to be done before you are ready to do anything else. When you are looking for. Analyzing. And grouping keywords. Ask yourself: what is the estimate potential traffic for this keyword? Is the competition fierce? What else is neee to rank? Is there already content on this topic? If not. What is neee to create a competitive page? Have you already participate in ranking for this keyword? Can you increase traffic by improving rankings? Is the traffic likely to convert into leads? Or will it just bring brand awareness? The last point is particularly important.

Conventional wisdom holds

 While search volume. Traffic potential. Keyword Kuwait Telegram Number Data difficulty. And search intent are all important considerations. You also nee to think about which keyword volumes will be valuable to your business. . How to measure the “commercial potential” of keywords many content marketers and seos determine the “value” of a keyword by mapping it to the user purchase funnel (the process people go through before making a purchase). that the further up the funnel. The less likely you are to make a purchase. How to do it? The most popular method is to divide keyword suggestions into three categories: tofu. Mofu. Bofu. Here are some examples of ahrefs’ tofu. Mofu. And bofu keywords: top of the funnel online marketing、what is seo、how to grow website traffic。 middle of the funnehow to do keyword research、how to build links、how to do website audit。 bottom of the funnel ahrefs vs moz、ahrefs reviews、ahrefs discount。 generally speaking.

It does not take into account

 Tofu keywords have the highest click potential. But visitors South Africa Telegram Number don’t want to buy anything just yet. The mofu and bofu keywords will bring you less visits. But these people are closer to becoming your customers. At ahrefs. We believe this approach has limitations and may even be misleading. Here are three reasons why: first of all .  that you can actually guide a user without “Asking leg awareness” to complete the entire stage from learning to purchasing on one page. In fact. This is what many landing page content eitors do. They will not create advertising pages base on tofu / mofu / bofu. In most cases. They will create an advertising landing page that allows users to spontaneously raise questions.

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