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But you don’t nee to write about every word. Before that. You nee to browse the categories to find the topics that suit you. For example. It would make more sense for a food blogger to write a post about “chicken tikka masala” rather than “chicken pox.” if your blog is new. You may want to set the keyword difficulty filter to a lower value to focus on less difficult topics. Recommende reading: how to find low competition keywords for seo 2. Confirm search intent ranking high in google is the secret to getting search traffic for your blog posts. But unless people are actually looking for the blog post when they search for your keywords. Your chances of ranking are next to zero.

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 That’s why you nee to know whether users Mexico Telegram Number Data are looking for blog posts or other content. This is calle search intent assessment. To do this. Enter your keywords into google and view the search results. Since google’s purpose is to provide users with relevant results.  to identify search intent. For example. A keyword like “pasta maker.” you might think there’s no point in writing a blog post about this since people are suppose to want to buy a “Pasta maker”. However. If you look at the search results. You will see that most of them are blog posts that review the best “pasta maker”. Recommende reading: search intent: a beginner’s guide 3.

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 Choose the right format and angle even if users are USA Telegram Number looking for blog-type articles. Not all blogs can rank. Because users are usually looking for something specific. You nee to figure out the format and angle of your blog content. Choose the right format most blog posts are written in one of the following formats: how-to guide step by step tutorial list articles view evaluate compare how do you know what format users are looking for? format in the search results. For example. Most of the results for “dinner ideas” are listicles: however. Most results for “ribs on the grill” are how-to guides: are things always this simple and clear? Of course not. Sometimes the results show a mix of content formats.

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