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They spend money. For example. The keyword “Office coffee” has a relatively high cpc of $12. This is because most searchers are looking to purchase a coffee machine for the office. Which can cost hundres or thousands of dollars. Searchers are not willing to buy things. They are looking for information on how to brew espresso. Estimate cpc for office coffee and how to make good espresso in ahrefs keywords explorer . One important thing to note is that cpc is much more volatile than search volume. Although the search demand for most keywords remains roughly the same from month to month. Their cpc can change at any time. This means that the cpc values you see in third-party keyword tools are a snapshot of a specific time.

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 If you nee real-time data. Advance Italy Telegram Number Data learning keyword search volume: things you don’t know why you can’t blindly use keyword search volume to estimate traffic how to use google trends for keyword research how many keywords can you rank for [research] Keyword difficulty: how to determine your chances of ranking in google what is a long tail keyword? How to find and use them part 4 how to group keywords for every keyword in your list. You nee to have the right page and content to match it. Knowing how to do this is a core step in the keyword research process. Fortunately. You can do this in two easy steps: locate parent topic target search intent 1.

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 Locate the parent topic let’s say your list Nigeria Telegram Number contains the following keywords: how to make whippe coffee what is whippe coffee whippe coffee recipe how to make whippe coffee without instant whippe coffee without sugar you may be wondering. Should you build a different page for each keyword or target them all on one page? The answer largely depends on how google views these keywords. Does it treat them as part of the same topic (like how to make whippe coffee)? e topics? You can see this by looking at google search results. For example. We see some of the same results pages for “how to make whippe coffee” and “what is whippe coffee”. This seems to indicate that google considers these two keywords to be part of the same topic.

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