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But my username is bitfish-cn. On meium. Names of different users can be repeate. But username cannot be repeate. Your username determines the url of your personal homepage. For example. If my username is. Then the url of my personal homepage will be my large username is bytefish . Then my large url is: https://bytefish. Meium.Com in order to make your url look better and make it easier for others to remember your url. It is recommende that you give your username a name that is simple and easy to remember. At the same time. The urls of the articles you publish later are relate to your username. After you publish some articles.

Meium officially recommends that

 Modifying the username will make the urls South Africa Telegram Number Data of the previous articles useless and affect seo. So try to decide on your username in the early stages of writing and don’t modify it later. Write an essay click writer a story under your avatar to write an article:  an article should have a title. Subtitle. Background image and body text: meium provides a wealth of formatting functions. Which you can explore on your own. Translation software you can definitely write a chinese blog on meium. But if you want to make more money through the meium parnter program. It is recommende that you write english articles. At this time. Many people may be worrie: my english is very poor and I cannot write an english article.

Chinese and then translate into english

 What should I do? Let me tell you the answer to Germany Telegram Number this question base on my own personal experience: in 2020. I publishe 30 english articles on meium and earne a cumulative income of about us$10.000. All my articles are first written in through translation software. Yes. All articles. From the time I starte teaching english in the third grade of elementary school to the time I droppe out of school in the third year of college. English has always been my nightmare. Later. When I learne programming. For the purpose of looking up information. I starte using a little bit of broken english on platforms such as stack overflow. Let’s take one of my most profitable articles as an example: use chrome devtools like a senior frontend developer 6 tips you must know if you choose chrome as your development environment.

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