Many seo optimizers hold different opinions

They are often use to separate different areas of a website base on their functionality. For example. Hubspot’s blog is locate in a subdomain. 10 hubspot blog subdomain google says that they treat content on subdomains like any other content and that ranking subdomains is no more difficult than subdirectories. However. Many seo optimizers hold different opinions. And there are many reports of increase traffic after moving content from subdomains to subdirectories. No one knows why this happens. But a common seo theory is that google sometimes treats subdomains as separate websites. Therefore. Our advice is not to use subdomains unless absolutely necessary. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember if your website is still in the early stages and you haven’t chosen a domain name yet.

keyword is in a domain name 

 Don’t worry about not getting a keyword-rich or Germany WhatsApp Number Data exact match domain name. Choose something memorable and brandable as your domain name. Here’s what google’s john mueller said about keyword domain names : …just because a  it will automatically rank for those keywords. That’s been the case for a long time. Choose a suitable top-level domain name if you want to attract global traffic. Choose a generic top-level domain such as .Com. From an seo perspective. Google treats all top-level domains equally. But .Com is usually the best. Top-level domains such as .Biz. .Info. And .Name are often associate with spammy websites. So choosing one of them may affect your ability to build high-quality links .

Useful additional information

 If you want to target customers in a specific location. Use a Hong Kong Whatsapp Number List country code top-level domain (cctld) in the top-level domain. Such as .Co.Uk or .Fr. Hint.Top-level domains such as .Com can also be use to target customers in specific locations use subdirectories to provide hierarchy subcategories help provide a sense of hierarchy and provide . For example. Use the following url: domain.Com/airpods.Html it’s unclear from the url whether the page is selling airpods. Providing airpods reviews. Or other products. Now look at this: domain.Com/store/earbuds/apple/airpods.Html apparently. This is the url of a product page selling airpods. This subdirectory structure also makes it clear: earplugs are just one of the types of products available in online stores.

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