Technically everything after the hostname

Best seo plugin wordpress as you can see. The url is still short and sweet. But reads much more naturally. 8. Use lowercase letters most web servers treat both lowercase and uppercase urls the same. But this is not always the case. Technically everything after the hostname (domain) in the url is case-sensitive. And some servers will treat them differently. To be safe and avoid potential duplicate content issues. Always use lowercase urls. If you are using wordpress. You can skip this part as it will automatically change to lowercase. WordPress slug lowercase if not. Just paste the title into convertcase.Net and select lowercase. Title tag seo 9. Replace spaces with hyphens the url cannot contain spaces.

Can you use underscore instead

 The browser will rewrite them as “%20”. Screen France WhatsApp Number Data recording 2020 05 14 at 08.08 pm so the last step is to replace all spaces with hyphens .  Google said in 2016 that they don’t care if your url contains dashes or hyphens. This is still true from a ranking perspective. But since people are generally more familiar with hyphens. It makes sense to use them when possible. This is also google’s official recommendation : we recommend that you use hyphens nstead of underscores in urls. Here’s the final slug for our article on title tags: title-tag-seo best practices for other parts of your url earlier in this guide. We discusse the structure of a url.

Repeating keywords avoid using

 The above process only involves one part: the slug . So. Here are German Whatsapp Number some seo best practices for the rest of the url. Using https use subdomains only when neee choose a domain name that is easy to remember choose the right top-level domain name use subdirectories to provide hierarchy use as many subdirectories as neee avoid  dates avoid using url parameters whenever possible use https https encrypts data sent between site visitors and the web server. It has been a lightweight ranking factor since 2014. So if you’re not already using https. It’s definitely worth making the switch. Recommende reading: what is https. Everything you nee to know use subdomains only when neee subdomain names appear before domain names.

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