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Talk about the arrival of one-to-one marketing communications. Mutiny is set up to refresh your website instantly based on who has stopped by. By industry company size and other variables you select derived from company IP and other identifiers. You can craft copy and design changes using their AI tool and make personalized landing pages and emails customized to what’s known about the visitor. Don Peppers and Martha Rogers will be proud. Digital advertising: Search social programmatic — advertising online can be a

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Nightmare to manage and track. AI to the rescue in the form of Albert a tool that enables digital advertising across the board. Albert claims to cover 90% of the biddable ad universe to optimize personalize and maximize performance without business lead spending more. Dig deeper: A sales-side view of marketing automation and AI SALES Ecommerce: Forrester predicts that while B2B offline sales will remain flat B2B ecommerce will grow from $1.7 trillion in 2021 to $3 trillion by 2027. B2B marketers absolutely must figure out how to adapt

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Now both a user of CabinetM as well as an advisor. Megan received her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and her master’s of science in technology management from University of Denver. B2B marketers are getting a lot from the huge amount of new marketing  BO Leads technology but it comes with more than a few challenges: Systems integration budget woes demonstrating ROI to name a few. And so many choices out there. Which products are best suite to the B2B world Which are best for my industry and for my customers Here follows a roundup of 15 new technologies I’ve run across that are just right for B2B some

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Functionality into their selling processes mapping it to their customer’s buying process. Big Commerce is an example of a SaaS platform serving B2B sellers with secure customizable solutions that  BO Leads fit their buyers’ behavior. They have partnered with SWK Technologies and other integrators to help you get going seamlessly. Automated prospecting emails. Sales reps hate writing emails so why not let AI do the job CallSine invites users to upload their own. Prospecting data and add a variety of information about the

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