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Products and services they are selling — pitches From the testimonials case studies blogs. The tool then creates playbooks for reaching various contacts by role or persona and generates a series of proposed email messages. Reps can edit and regenerate the email copy as needed (like “Be more formal” “Use fewer cliches”). Over time the tool gets smarter. Best of all because they’re being individually generated these emails get past spam filters. Your reps can spend more time selling and less time writing. Referral

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Management: Deeto customers as part of your prospecting. Satisfied customers can opt in and contribute user-generated content like testimonials personal success stories or videos. Deeto’s AI-driven platform business database matches the advocates with prospective clients arranging one-on-one interactions that benefit both sides. Sales reps can use these warm introductions to add credibility and influence to their pitches. In return

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Receive rewards like gift cards or charitable donations. I’m told that customers are generally willing — even feeling honored — to participate. Customer advocacy: Another newcomer similar to Deeto but  BO Leads perhaps more broadly focused is ChampionHQ. Designed to serve not only sales but also marketing and customer success this platform helps identify hidden advocates in your customer base generate referrals and address

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