Why is the CCPA Happening?

The changes enacte by the gdpr laws forces companies to take more responsibility with consumer data and to inform consumers about the practices and processes involve in data collection. In its first year. Techrepublic reporte that there were over 200.000 cases of breaches and complaints. And over $60 million in fines issue. With gdpr now ingraine. It’s hard to find any reputable website that doesn’t display a notice to tell site visitors about their use of cookies. It was always only a matter of time before the u.s. Followe suit. Top tip: even if you are not locate in the eu.

The changes enacte by the gdpr laws

 If you’re doing business with eu citizens you nee to pay attention to gdpr. Read our full checklist for marketers. Why choose dmi? How does the ccpa differ from gdpr? While the gdpr came from the top-down. By comparison. The ccpa starte from the bottom-up. Beginning as a grassroots initiative driven by a collective le (and funde) by wealthy real estate developer. Alastair mactaggart. The coalition calle themselves. “californians for consumer privacy.” and began their battle in san francisco and oakland as a citizen ballot initiative. Mactaggart summarize the proposal as follows: “tell me what you know about me. Stop selling it. Keep it safe.” in the wake of the facebook scandal.

While the gdpr came from the top-down

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The initiative built up a head of steam. Defeating all opposition from the companies it would impact the most. All about the california consumer privacy act (ccpa) google. Facebook. Comcast. Verizon. And at&t create a fund to try and derail the ccpa. And are expecte to continue their opposition in an effort to water down the new laws. 24% of c-suite members claime the gdpr changes cause frustration with customers due to the extra steps neee to opt-in. So just how is the ccpa different from the gdpr? Well. Whereas the gdpr applies to all companies. The ccpa only applies to larger companies.

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