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Of course, you can always ask subscribers where theyre locat either in a sign up form, a survey, or in their account profile. A workaround for apples mpp is to segment subscribers who are using this feature. To do that, you ne to know who has mpp turn on. Sinch email on acid gives users visibility into subscribers email client preferences. So, you can see which subscribers use mpp. When you can segment recipients using mpp, you can more accurately measure things such as subject line split testing, which relies on knowing if messages are getting open or not.

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Tracking pixels and gdpr compliance in recent years, theres been growing concern and awareness among consumers about how they are track and how their data is us. Thats l to legislation and regulations that email marketers and others must follow most notably, the general data protection business database regulation (gdpr) is a set of regulations that aim to  protect the privacy of european union (eu) citizens. If your email marketing campaign targets eu citizens, or if anyone from the eu is on your mailing list, you ne to ensure that you are gdpr compliant.

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One of the key requirements of gdpr is that you ne to obtain the consent of. The recipient before you can track their activity using tracking pixels. You ne to clearly inform the recipient about the use of tracking pixels. And give them the option to opt-out if they do not want BO Leads their activity to be track. This is typically done on the privacy policy post on your website. You should be linking to your companys privacy policy anywhere that you are collecting email addresses. Get more advice in our collection of gdpr resources for email marketers.

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