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Gadgets are intuitive and easy to use. icon 2 Young people: they are in a large information field clip thinking is simply necessary for them. icon 3 Middle-aged people: between the ages of 30 and 40 the types of thinking are mixed. During this period there is a transition from conceptual thinking to clip thinking from reading five-volume books to short articles and tweets. icon 4 Older generation: for those who are older it is difficult to switch and use social networks two instant messengers are already difficult for them. On the other hand even on television news watched by older people the presenter speaks in the background of the announcement of the next story. At the bottom of the screen are two running lines.

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The media teaches older people to perceive several streams of information. What’s happening on social media Social networks and instant messengers at least distract from work. Multitasking is a myth you can’t do two things at the same time. The brain Finland Business Email List needs time to close one door and open another. Switching between several tasks you hear the constant knocking of doors. On the other hand social networks provide compressed information that does not need analysis. Facebook posts create an emotional load and serve other people’s unverified opinions. Giving up social media is like giving up public transport – you will walk but you will use a lot of energy. Fighting progress is impossible so use it to your advantage. How to control attention icon 1 Artificially limit your social media presence.

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Write down the exact time in the schedule for example: “from 13:00 to 13:30 I answer messages.” Divide the day into segments and follow the plan. icon 2 Use apps that block social networks and instant messengers. Block access to them on your work BO Leads computer. icon 3 Switch your phone to airplane mode when you play sports meet up with friends or family read a book or solve a challenging problem. Negotiate with the brain as with a small child. Set limits for yourself: I will open Facebook when I finish reading a chapter or complete an assignment. icon 4 Read fiction. Control reading watch your attention. If you want to be distracted – stop analyze the text draw conclusions. Gradually increase your reading time. icon 5 Look for paradoxes – analyze mutually contradictory opinions.

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