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Marina Tsvetaeva wrote a poem in 1935 in which she ridiculed readers: Void swallowers Newspaper readers! Cultural figures decided that the newspaper is changing the way of thinking and educating a frivolous consumer of short texts who is not able to absorb complex materials. After the spread of the telegraph abbreviations and abbreviations appeared. The newspeak predicted by Orwell sped up communication. Then television entered life and with it serials and short commercials. How to concentrate 2 Chicago 1928 Broadcast of the world’s first television station WCFL In the struggle between switching channels and thoughtful reading of books the change of picture and the quick swallowing of facts won.

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How consciousness changes The media present information in thesis events are connected by time not by facts. Several things can happen on the screen at the same time. The new generation is more prone to clip thinking. It may perfectly master Netherland Business Email List professional skills but it falls out of the culture of linear text. The conflict does not arise between the picture and the text but within the world of texts and the world of images. There is a struggle between two modes: immersion in the information flow and switching between flows and the second wins. How to concentrate 3 In the world of books they are moving away from long coherent and linearly built text. In the world of images the film is opposed by a short video. The brain is changing old ways of thinking are dying off.

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Psychologists and scientists believe that clip thinking has both positive and negative sides. Disadvantages of clip thinking: icon 1 Inability to concentrate on one source of information. Low attention span inability to analyze. For example in business during negotiations it is important to be consistent remember the key issue and not jump between topics. icon 2 The BO Leads death of fiction. Schoolchildren read little poorly understand other people’s thoughts do not know how to analyze text and write detailed presentations. They are easier to perceive brief retellings of works and use ready-made homework assignments. icon 3 The negative impact of advertising. The emphasis is on emotions a person loses common sense and buys unnecessary things. icon 4 Low level of empathy. Cruelty and violence increase the threshold of sensitivity to the experiences of others.

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