I starte to have high fever throat inflammation oral ulcers

From all the signs that followe I deeply suspecte that I had been maliciously infecte and contracte the terrible aids. About two weeks later I starte to have high fever throat inflammation oral ulcers rashes diarrhea general weakness and other symptoms. I was given a lot of intravenous drips but it didnt feel better. My parents thought I had ordinary tonsillitis but a very serious condition occurre. Being cautious I began to mutter in my heart. I picke up my phone and searche for the word aids on baidu. When I saw the acute symptoms written on it they were exactly the same as mine now. It stung my heart like a neele. I really im getting more and more scare.

The acute phase laste about

 Since we were young we all lacke India Email List understanding of aids and I dont know why I who was so unaware of safety at the time thought of these three words in my mind. Maybe its gods will god wants me to detect it early and get treatment in time. two weeks and then came the socalle incubation period. I slowly returne to normal and starte going back to school. But I never let go because I know that the window period for aids is 2 to 6 weeks or even three months at the longest. I bought a lot of test strips at that time. At first the test was still yin but slowly it turne into weak yang weak yang.

I became because the test

 During that time I was listless in class every day. I felt that Mexico Email List the whole world was gray. I pricke myself over and over again to test hoping that something would appear. It was a miracle but the more I took the test the more panickepaper always showe weak yang. I dont want to recall that time anymore. I was alone with no one to talk to and I had to pretend nothing was wrong chat and laugh with my friends and complete my studies normally. Because in the dormitory alone time is rare. If I feel really uncomfortable I will hide in the toilet and cry silently. After selfstudy I will run to the playground alone crying while running.

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