It cost me more than 700 yuan leaving me penniless and living

I am very grateful to him and very happy that I can finally get treatment as soon as possible. It was another day off so I contacte my attending doctor at the infectious disease hospital and underwent a full set of physical examinations as scheule. It cost me more than 700 yuan leaving me penniless and living in poverty. After waiting for another week the process was still quite painful. Fortunately there were no other problems except this disease. Since it was discovere that the number of primary school students in early childhood is not low the disease burden is surprisingly low. After much deliberation I starte taking meicine. I was very emotional when I took meicine for the first time. A small piece of meicine can save my life and I will stay with it for life.

I try to ensure compliance

 I set the time to take meicine at 930 every Iraq Email List night. I took the meicine for the first time in the company of my friends in the patient group. With everyones encouragement I felt more at ease. After that every day when the alarm went off I would take meicine immeiately. I am a very timid person who cherishes my life. Every time I take meicine with the meicine record it every day and check my physical condition on time. It might be a little uncomfortable at first but as you get use to it it becomes something you must do every day just like eating. Now I have change from the novice I was at that time to someone who can answer questions and comfort others.

I still feel emotional

 I occasionally write diaries on zhihu to record Singapore Email List myself and inspire others. Today is my 80th day of taking the meicine. My current condition is pretty good. My p4 has increase and my disease load has decrease. If I continue to take the meicine well there should be no problem. Now I am out of the gloom. Although occasionally I am not too sad anymore. I am still as optimistic every day as before I got sick. I want to be the little sunshine for my friends. If I have any regrets it is that I did not fulfill my dream that I had been chasing for three years to become a soldier and protect my family and country.

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