When I saw people coming in and out

 I stumble along the way took many detours and encountere many touching moments. I finally got to the disease control center but I didnt dare to go in. I felt that I shouldnt be relate to this place. When I saw people coming in and out I always felt that they were very cautious. A kind of loneliness embarrassment and unknown fear was waiting for me but I finally bit the bullet and walke in and said I wante to get teste for hiv. I believe that many friends who go for testing like me are embarrasse to speak and afraid of embarrassment. But from my current point of view these are really trivial matters when it comes to life. Besides these are their jobs and they are certainly not uncommon among all kinds of people so they dont nee to pay too much attention.

I had no symptoms at the time

 Due to my special constitution I had to Iran Email List wait for a week for the results of the first test but in the end the strips were uneven and the diagnosis was not directly confirme. The doctor aske me to wait a month before going but I knew it was a done deal. Because and all I could do was wait so I spent that month very relaxely. There was no diagnosis yet and I didnt nee to do anything. It was as if everything was just like a normal person. Time passe very quickly and in may I reluctantly went to the cdc again. This time I change to a cdc that was closer to me which would be more convenient for my future treatment.

I saw the diagnosis report

 I starte a busy road to survive again. I had to Poland Email List run several times and draw a lot of blood. I had a lot of classes so I was very busy during that time but in the end it was okay and everything went smoothly. I was finally diagnose. Because I was well prepare I didnt lose control when  for the first time. Maybe it was because I was numb maybe because I was finally relieve from these months of torture. The disease control uncle told me that my situation was indee rare and I could only say that I was unlucky. He was willing to believe me and encourage me not to give up. Finally he helpe me contact the hospital that was most convenient for me.

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