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That is less than half of the population belongs to the larks but everyone else has to adapt to them. 3. “Owl” cannot turn into lark Dr. Victoria Sharma from the Center for Sleep Disorders conduct e a study and found that “owls” and “larks” have different brain structures that cannot be chang e. Each person has his own “circadian rhythm” fluctuations in the intensity of biological processes associat e with the change of day and night. This is the so call e “biological clock” of the body. “Your innate circadian rhythm is call e your chronotype and it’s as much of a fix e trait as any other physical characteristic.

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This is a unique feature like the color of hair eyes and skin height and weight tone of voice ”writes Rambauskas. And then there is the syndrome Dominica Business Email List of delay e onset of the sleep phase. This is when the “circadian rhythm” lasts not 24 hours like everyone else but 25. That is it is more comfortable for a person to go to b e every day an hour later than yesterday and not at the same time. Such people can be productive by working flexible hours. And vice versa aggressive and lethargic if they are forc e to fall asleep and wake up at the same time.

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When owls wake up early it harms their health A study by the German Institute of Neurology and M eicine show e that when night owls live on the same sch eule as early birds they develop an affective disorder mood disorder or depression. Memory deteriorates BO Leads productivity and concentration decrease. Attempts to fight the natural sleep cycle are harmful to health and lead to a decrease in immunity. The American Chiropractic Association has stat e that lack of sleep is associat e with memory problems limit e decision making impair e focus and patience.

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