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After all agile methodologies are best adapte to the constant development of technology and the emergence of new development tools. Agile Core Values icon people and their interaction icon working product icon building partnerships with the customer icon willingness to change Agile approaches are mostly built on the concepts of Theory Y according to which people see work as a means of self-realization. They find motivation if they observe the benefits of their activities. Agile marketing is a continuous search for new opportunities and real-time problem solving base on data and analytics. Such marketing is built on the principles of operational testing evaluation of the result and rapid iteration.

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Iteration in Latin iterare – to repeat – short cycles of team work to minimize risks. This can be achieve due to the fact that the customer accepts the results of each stage and immeiately voices the adjustments. Key Benefits of Agile Agile North Korea Business Email List Methodology After the completion of a certain stage of activity the results are summe up and new requirements are collecte. Then changes are made to the development plan. A properly organize Agile marketing department will handle several hundre tasks at once and generate many new ideas weekly.

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Key Benefits of Agile Agile Methodology Many marketing companies believe that they are working agile only because they have implemente a few relevant principles. This can be for example testing employee training and team cross-functionality. But if you dig deeper it becomes clear that they use Agile approaches only selectively. Do not derive BO Leads full benefits for themselves. Marketing companies often do not have their own help desk legal department. Development team or financiers which significantly slows down processes. Key Benefits of Agile Agile Methodology And it also happens that such an organization cooperates with programmers who have their own pace of movement and this also slows things down.

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