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Scrum in Marketing The Uklon Experience. 0 Why did we decide to implement Scrum What were the prerequisites and whose initiative was it Most marketers talk about ideas concepts and approaches to brand management. Many people know how to draw up budgets develop strategies build departments. But the biggest difficulty lies of course in the execution that is the implementation of the planne plan. Scrum in Marketing The Uklon Experience. The first problem that any marketing strategy faces is the reality of the market.

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Buyers can temporarily sink in consumer sentiment and not spend. Or competitors will evaluate your tactical moves reorganize and leave you behind. In general it is extremely rare for anyone to perfectly implement the plan. Usually we are talking about Oman Business Email List constant reworking clarification budget cuts and the development of such schemes which were not even discusse at the beginning of the year. Now multiply this issue by a market where there are more than a thousand competitors with a product that improves every weeks acquiring new features. In a word there were simply no options not to implement Scrum. Uklon’s marketing neee to not only keep pace with development but also introduce an agile strategy.

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What methodology did you use before and what exactly did you not like about it The first approach with which we began to restructure marketing communications was base on promo cycles. I came with him from retail – there this technique has been BO Leads worke out for years. Scrum in Marketing The Uklon Experience. This turne out to be enough for retail but the market for car call services is much faster and more dynamic so after . months we abandone promotional cycles. Have you implemente Agile throughout the organization or within a single team The development department was the first to work on the Scrum methodology followe by the marketing department.

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