Responsible AI use in marketing

Recommended by people I trust and respect and all of them worth a look. I’ve organized these by category: Data campaigns sales and strategy. DATA Intent data for ABM: After bursting on the B2B scene around 2018 intent data is getting better and better. One new approach from Propensity applies the intent concept to Account Based Marketing where intent data signals can be added to your target account records. The platform enables buying-committee selection and message development and design for outbound

Campaigns through

Email and display advertising all ready to run through Hubspot or Salesforce. Prospecting data: Have a look at the integrated prospecting data platform called Anteriad Data Cloud b2b leads for self-service or managed data across B2B markets buying groups and intent for content syndication programmatic advertising and cross-channel communications. Data management: Snowflake is the ultimate outsourced B2B data management cloud positioning itself as the next generation of after the “stack.” It enables a real 360-degree view of the

Management Megan

Customer across first- second- and third-party data. And it supports the data needs of the entire firm from manufacturing to finance. The big advantage for marketers is easy access to third-party  BO Leads data in real-time (Snowflake partners with over 100 data providers) and convenient tools for marketing execution and analytics. Personality profiling: The long-awaited vision of one-to-one marketing is fast approaching reality as evidenced by Crystal Knows a Chrome extension that pops up a personality profile next to a LinkedIn

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