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Megan Michuda Megan Michuda Megan Michuda is currently the SVP director of marketing operations and innovation at BOK Financial. Prior to joining BOK Financial b2b email list she served as global head of marketing technology at Janus Henderson Investors. Janus Henderson was a Stackie Award winner in 2018. Megan is currently responsible for BOK Financial’s marketing technology stack marketing automation digital analytics and marketing operations. In 2020 Megan’s startup Stacktus was acquired by CabinetM a leader in

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 Now both a user of CabinetM as well as an advisor. Megan received her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and her master’s of science in technology management from University of Denver. B2B marketers are getting a lot from the huge amount of new marketing  BO Leads technology but it comes with more than a few challenges: Systems integration budget woes demonstrating ROI to name a few. And so many choices out there. Which products are best suited to the B2B world Which are best for my industry and for my customers Here follows a roundup of 15 new technologies I’ve run across that are just right for B2B some

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