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There are bot attacks from certain communities about the language of communication. What to do with the negative in search engines On the first page of the search engine we did not find negative results. There is a problem with complaints from former employees – on portals that collect feeback about employers. The staff of shopping centers is not always satisfie with the level of salaries. The HR department monitors the situation but we do not comment and try not to participate in discussions. CASE from LABA Rules for working with customer reviews.

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Wine section at Metro Cash Carry In June 0 several influencers simultaneously wrote on Facebook about the opening of the Metro wine department. Under each post were comments of both support and outrage. Rules for working with Burma Business Email List customer reviews. Post by Artem Travkin CEO at Bar Crawl Kyiv Two years ago attracting influencers to promote a brand was unusual for social meia users. Metro was one of the first to invite not only meia representatives but also bloggers to the opening of the department and subscribers notice this. Now paid posts do not always stand out among sincere reviews. Influencer approaches have become softer advertising looks natural in the news fee.

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Comment by Oksana Kulikova Bloggers wrote about the event they attende on the same day – it cause a resonance. We invite well-known opinion leaders and in the fee people saw several posts about Metro wine at once. Rules for working with BO Leads customer reviews. On the one hand at that time no one invite bloggers to events en masse – the public notice and joine in the dialogue. On the other hand this irritate people they felt that the posts might be insincere. There were no negative reviews about the network at all. We did not interfere in the comments. Sales went up people starte creating memes the campaign took the right viral development.

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