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Rules for working with customer reviews. eleven In such cases we let the person know that we accept his right to think so and offer to prepare a cocktail the way he likes next time. But at the same time we say that we have our own supply. What will help the appearance of the owner As a rule the appearance of the owner improves the situation. They try to respond to most comments on the Internet with a stereotype phrase in the spirit of Thanks for reading your review and looking into it. A simple philosophy of honesty and sincere communication works great 0 of the time.

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How to respond to competitor attacks In Odessa there was an example recently – they put 00 or 00 units on the Facebook profile of the Frebule restaurant. Rules for working with customer reviews. Oleg Nikolaev the owner of the restaurant and I jointly Cambodia Business Email List develope a solution – to ask regular guests to rate the restaurant with five if they believe that the rating is well-deserve. There were about 000 positive reviews. The negative has turne into a positive. What to do with the negative in search engines We’ve had a few hinting articles in search but the restaurant business hasn’t come up with such a system of attacks yet. Situations of cheating negativity in search engines are personal conflicts of owners.

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Market shares in this line of business are blurre. There are 000 players for example 0 of which occupy the main niche so the competition is also implicit. CASE from LABA Rules for working with customer reviews. Tasteless beer and music for separatists On BO Leads the pages of. Cooper’s establishments on Facebook customers communicate actively – each restaurant has reviews. The owner monitors comments and posts for the sake of inciting negativity and shows the unconstructiveness of such responses. One of the recent outrages The most tasteless beer lame service music for separatists. Alexander reposte on his page and receive support from subscribers.

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