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The SMM manager on behalf of the official page reports on the solve problem or the process of solving it. Drivers who do not have a WOG Pride card or the WOG PRIDE mobile app should be aware that according to the law a complaint about a purchase is considere if the receipt is kept. Rules for working with customer reviews. 0 In 0 of cases the issue is resolve in favor of the applicant. WOG always goes to meet the client when it is clear that the purpose of communication is to identify the problem and not just troll. If a person is set up for unconstructive criticism and every brand has such haters this is Facebook terrorism.

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Whether to fulfill the requirements of such people – each company decides for itself. We always say thank you to dissatisfie customers – they point out the problem give us the opportunity to talk in person. As a result we are constantly improving and China Business Email List becoming a lovemark for many. Rules for working with customer reviews. In the business of WOG the customer comes first it is important to adhere to this principle. What will help the appearance of the owner Firstly customers trust specific people with a phone a profile on a social network. Secondly the majority believes that the owners will deal with the problem faster.

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This is often true staff do not always have such authority. Add here the mentality in resolving issues through godfather matchmaker brother. There are professionals whose task is to get out of conflict situations. The faster this happens the faster the BO Leads client will be satisfie the involvement of the manager is not require. How to respond to competitor attacks WOG competitors create false messages invest in publications in pseudo-meia and further on social networks connect bots sometimes pay bloggers for posts. Publications where such publications are possible are dubious without a real audience.

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