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Complaints are perceive as a chance to improve the service. icon When the buyer is dissatisfie with the quality of the product an examination is carrie out. They try to improve the next batch base on customer feeback. Rules for working with customer reviews. Daniil Vakhovsky marketing director of Uklon car call service How to Track Negative Feeback We do not use any automate systems or agencies. Most often stories about problematic situations are left on the brand’s page on social networks or they put a hashtag or immeiately mark the Uklon page.

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Thus a person expresses that he wants to talk about the problem that feeback is neee moreover public. Rules for working with customer reviews. thirty What requirements to respond to We try to deeply understand the situation in order to Cocos Islands Keeling Email List understand what cause it – is it a situational problem or part of some systemic flaw. Over the past year we have done a lot of work to improve the level of service. Rules for working with customer reviews. We organize a large-scale project Agents of Quality – we distribute free rides for customers in order to collect feeback. It is important to understand the reason for the negative review.

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Before a person starts complaining on Facebook we have other channels in-app reviews and a quality control department that will listen to a complaint over the phone at any time of the day. The feeback system should be in any case social networks are BO Leads not the most effective tool for solving problems. We have a key principle – the client and the driver are equal. We always listen to the positions of both sides. Depending on the situation we compensate the person for anxiety in the form of a free trip. Rules for working with customer reviews. The principle position is that the passenger should not humiliate. The call center employees behave aggressively and defiantly towards the driver.

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