Summary of the history and evolution of nursing from its origins

Today we celebrate World Nursing Day, a fundamental profession in the world of health, which often functions as a link between the doctor and the patient. As a tribute to the work of nurses, at Clinic Cloud we want to summarize the history and evolution of complete nursing from its origins. Will you join us to learn about the historical background of nursing?

The word nursing derives from the Latin infirmus, which would be something like something related to the weak. You could say that nursing is as old as humanity since people have always needed nursing care when they are sick or injured.

The history of nursing in the world from its origins

It is believ that the figure of the nurse appear in the Middle Ages. Nurses were mostly untrain women who help bring children into the world or were phone number lists wet nurses. On the other hand, caring for the sick was closely associat with nuns. With more training and a religious vow that prevent them from caring for the weakest. In order to care for the sick, the Nuns had more training and care for the sick.

In 1259, the Alexian Brothers began the ministry of caring for the sick and hungry, which still exists today in many countries, including the United States. From 1550 through 1614, Saint Camillus of Lelis cared for the sick and dying at the Hospital of Santiago in Rome. It was not until 1633 when Saint Vincent de Paul founded the Daughter of Charity, where women began to play a larger role in organized nursing.

Florence Nightingale is widely considered

Over the years, wars have increased the need for nurses and have greatly influenced the evolution of nursing. The mother of modern nursing, notable for Summary of the history her services in the Crimean War from 1853 to 1856. Her sanitation efforts dramatically decreased the mortality rate and upon her return she founded the Florence Nightingale School for Nurses in London. . It was the first step towards the true professionalization of nursing. In 1861 nurses began to wear uniforms. Today, nursing is widely recogniz in the world.

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