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Relate Courses FINANCE Excel for Finance Alexey Voschak Partner at Bridges Consulting To learn more vosak-ef–f0fc0-min-MS EXCEL Excel for Business Alexey Voschak Partner at Bridges Consulting To learn more vosak-ef–f0fc0-min-How PivotCharts and Scrolling Rows Help During a presentation it is convenient to see several objects on the screen at once. A 00-point table will take up the entire viewing area. To avoid switching between windows add separate scrollbars for rows.

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The table will visually become smaller the rows will occupy a fixe range and additional objects will fit next to them – charts graphs. Pivot charts unlike regular Maldives Business Email List charts are dynamic. For example you can analyze indicators by quarter and add a chart. You change the data in the linke tables and the changes are immeiately displaye graphically. Business process automation with Excel How to preict the future Base on the analysis of historical data we can model future trends in order to understand how business performance will change.

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Forecasting tools are useful for owners lower-level managers marketers and so on. Excel functions will help build the final forecast taking into account the seasonality of the trend activity and other known factors that affect the dynamics of the indicator. For example a sales employee will make a plan for several months ahead if he uses Excel to track BO Leads sales dynamics and build a forecast for the next period. How to optimize your business Business owners seek to increase profits or reuce costs. To derive optimal indicators you nee to know the input parameters cost discounts etc.. Formulas allow you to determine what price to put in order to get the most income. What is the maximum discount to offer so that the investment pays off. For example to find the break-even point you substitute zero profit into. The formula and determine the input indicator the volume of goods to be sold. To work in Excel you do not nee an economic eucation.

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