The 5 most frequently asked medical questions in the consultation

If you have your own medical practice you will have already discovered how patients sometimes repeat the same questions. In this post we compile a list of the most frequently asked medical questions in the consultation of any health specialist.

Patients today are much more proactive about their health and often use the Internet to search for information about their symptoms. That is why it is not unusual for a patient to come to the consultation with suspicions of having a certain disease.

In these circumstances, the doctor must emphasize the risks of self-diagnosis and how the information found on the Internet must be taken with a grain of salt. He might even be able to recommend some reliable sources of information.

Frequently asked medical questions

Normally this is the first thing the patient asks when the doctor makes his diagnosis. Most experts agree that it is best to be honest with the patient, even if or especially if you usa telephone book have to give them bad news.

All patients who come to the clinic do so because they The 5 most frequently believe that something is wrong with their health. Therefore, your big concern is knowing if they will be cur and how long it may take to fully recover. It is important to make it clear that each patient is different and that the success of a treatment or the healing time varies from person to person.

One of the most common concerns of people who are prescrib any treatment are its possible side effects. Here it is advisable to talk honestly about the possible side effects of the therapy, but always in a reassuring way.

 What happens if the treatment doesnt work

It is another common doubt. Patients almost always want to know what alternatives exist to the treatment they have been prescrib in the first instance. This is a question that The 5 most frequently should be resolv even when the patient does not ask it directly since it is always reassuring.

It is always good for patients to ask their doctors and for them to be willing to answer everything. More so now knowing that with the emergence of new BO Leads technologies, many patients are using Dr. Google to answer their most controversial questions.

And now tell us your case. What are the most common questions you are usually ask during your consultation? Tell us in the comments.

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