What it is and how to take advantage of it in your clinic

Nowadays traveling is within everyone’s reach, and it is an activity that is not only done for pleasure or work. In recent years, so-called health tourism , medical tourism or health tourism has become fashionable . Clinics are very aware of this new vein and many have already begun to make it profitable.

In this post we explain what health tourism is and how you can attract it.

What is health tourism?
Health tourism is a type of tourism in which users travel to another country to receive a specific medical treatment or well-being. The main reasons for traveling abroad for treatment or undergoing some type of medical operation are usually the following.


Treatment is much cheaper in the destination country

The treatment is not available in the country of origin think about some types of assisted reproduction.
The professionals of the destination country have buying phone numbers great prestige in that specific treatment.
For the patient, health tourism is an opportunity to receive better and/or more affordable treatment than what they could get in their countries and to see the world in the process. Of course, this modality is not without risks. For example, it is recommended that those undergoing surgery wait several days before flying home.

Medical tourism requires personalized advice for each patient, which is why there are travel agencies specialized in this type of tourism.

How to become a medical tourism destination

Currently, Spain is the eighth destination for health tourism worldwide and the sector is growing at a rate of 20% each year in 2018, 140,000 visits from health tourists are expected to visit us.

In our country, assisted reproduction and aesthetic services are the most in demand, but any medical specialty can be a target for this type of tourism. If you have a clinic and want to What it is and how attract medical tourists, we recommend carrying out the following actions:

Hire staff who speak multiple languages.
Adapt clinic times to the patient’s availability, concentrating all appointments during the time of their stay.
Translate your website into several languages ​​and advertise specifically in the BO Leads countries that interest you most.
Consider partnering with a travel agency to offer a joint package.
What do you think of health tourism? Do many patients from other countries come to your clinic? Tell us in the comments.

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