The difference increases positively

And what the graphs show us is: paid search: the difference remains (there is no gain in scale); organic search: the difference increases positively (there is an increase in scale). Your business can get quick results using paid search, but begin to mitigate the problem of increasing cost per acquisition with organic search work, which will bring results in the long term, Organic search and paid search recommendations Organic search and paid search recommendations As we said, the ideal is to do both to get more results.

Particularities of the business and the market

The point is that it depends on the context, Having the best is everyone’s desire, But the time is not always right, due to particularities of the business and the market, Therefore, what ne,s to be determin, are the indications for each front according to the company’s context, When new data  to use paid search: your product or service is not validat,; your company still has no sales; you cannot commit to the long term; your business ne,s quick results; its sales are seasonal; You have budget limitations.

Your product or service is validat

 When to use organic search: your company is already digitally mature; there is capital available to invest; you can commit to the long term; your product or service is validat, and you have sales; your sales are not link, to stock or flash promotions; you want to create an online traffic asset, When to use both: budget is not a problem, you want results; your company ne,s to sell now, but will be concern, about efficiency and cost r,uction per acquisition ; your business is mature and looks at the long term, Think BO Leads  about your business Think about your business Leaving aside methodologies, types of search and digital marketing, what is always worth keeping in mind is your business.

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