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Daily recording of income and expenses control of payments help to take responsibility for the movement of money not to shift it to circumstances. How to find work-life balance I have a good gearbox I can quickly get out of one state and switch. The skill was develope through meitation and concentration exercises. You simply tell yourself what you will think about now and stick to this decision. Or maybe I’m just an enthusiastic person who finds it easy to dive into a new process.

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What rules to follow every day Morning ritual meitation exercise freewriting plus little things. Evening reflection gratitude conversation with the son reading before going to be. Rules for working on yourself. Such actions help keep the right course create a Macau Business Email List feeling that everything is under control. What to do if things don’t go according to plan If something did not work out it means that you overestimate your abilities or set too strict limits. I don’t get upset I just keep moving. I do not consider the assigne tasks to be some kind of sacre cow.

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The direction of travel is more important. The goal for me is just a milestone on the way. A little earlier or a little later it will be reache what’s the difference The main thing is not to stop. If there is movement then everything will be passe. I am motivate BO Leads by the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat I have define for myself in my personal constitution. And also a calendar of life which clearly shows how much has already been live and how much is left at best. Looking at him you get an excellent magic pendel. Rules for working on yourself. 0 Oleg Braginsky How to plan things I have a long calendar – I design everything for as long as possible. I try to post recurring events ahead of time.

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