The idea of ​​the ABC model is to find trends and patterns

Content grouping configuration as Regex variable in GTMConfigure content grouping with regular expression variables in GTM

Content grouping in the GA4 tag configurationContent grouping in GA4 tag configuration

For the field name, I entered content_group (you can enter anything you want).

In Value, select the regular expression table variable you created earlier .

Once you save everything, you have successfully transferred your data to GA4. The data is immediately available in **Debug View**, but not in standard reports. Please allow about a day for your standard report to arrive.

There are two places where you can view and analyze content grouping data:

Pages and Screens
In Reports, go to Engagement ** and then go to Pages and Screens**.

Then use this variable in your tag configuration

Clicking the dropdown arrow in pages and screensClick the drop-down arrow on pages and screens

Select a content group from the drop-down list.

Selecting content group as a dimension

Selecting content how to buy phone numbers in bulk group as a dimensionSelect content group by dimension

You can now analyze your data using the metrics in your table.

Content group report in GA4

Content group report in GA4GA4’s Content Group Report

What can you learn from content groups?
However, although users only spend an average of 26 seconds on social media pages, the conversion rate is very high at 599. How can this be?
Here we have replaced all events with **Signup** conversion events. 

Clicking the dropdown arrow in pages and screens

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