Finding the GA4 date range selector

By analyzing the page title and screen class dimensions, you can discover pages that attract unexpectedly a lot of attention, which can lead to new content ideas.

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It’s also important to analyze successful articles to understand what catches people’s attention. You can start by analyzing headlines that you can apply to future posts using catchy titles or effective copywriting formulas.

Additionally, examining documents that have above-average engagement times can provide valuable insight into document structure. For example, if your most engaging articles include videos, you may find that adding video content to your articles in the future can increase user engagement.

Building the landing page report in the visualization area

Importing a dimension in explorationsGet dimensions from navigation

The process for adding metrics is the same. Add all the metrics mentioned above.

Double-click dimensions and metrics to create tables in your visualization.

Lastly, GA4’s site search feature can help you understand user intent and generate new content ideas based on search terms. Setting up site search is simple, and here you can quickly learn how to track site search in GA4 .

Together, we discovered that systematic content telephone number list analysis is possible using GA4, regardless of the site’s specific goals.

We’ve looked at how to make the most of a variety of GA4 reports by following an analytics process to effectively identify high-performing content, discover conversion opportunities, and generate new content ideas.

Page Title and Screen Class

This is the default dimension for page and screen reports.

Feel free to change the page path and screen class , but the page title BO Leads works fine for us.

Using the Page Title and Screen Class dimensions, your report now includes all pages on your website or app.

Repeat the process covered in the content group.

Participation Session
Participation Rate : The percentage of sessions in which participation occurred. In GA4, an engaged session is one that lasts at least 10 seconds, has a conversion event, or has at least two pageviews or screenviews. This shows that the user took some action after arriving on the page, rather than just leaving. That means there was some kind of interest.

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