Let’s take a closer look at the content analysis steps using a real-world example

Compare allows you to gain quick insights by comparing subsets of your data. This involves comparing different segments to determine the root cause of the problem or what brings the best results. GA4 allows you to compare ‘this and that’ across different dimensions side by side.

Let’s take a Canadian user living in Mississauga as an example. A subset of this data can be compared to all users to make decisions.

To create a comparison, go to one of your GA4 reports, click the Edit Comparison pencil icon and follow the example in the image below. Then click Apply .

Example of comparisons in GA4

Example of comparisons in GA4Comparison example of GA4

Comparisons remain as you navigate through the report. However, once you close the report or page, you’re done. If you go back to GA4 you will have to recreate all comparisons. That’s why I often use navigation when I have subsets that I use frequently.

Automate with Looker Studio

Unlike Compare, **Explore** can be saved for later use. We covered how to write telephone number list one in the Real-World Examples for Content Analysis section of this post.

GA4’s main focus is content analysis, but the repetitive steps can make the content analysis process arduous.

To alleviate this problem, you can develop dashboards that can automatically process the most important queries. So let me mention Looker Studio.

We’d also like to share our Content Analytics Dashboard, which telephone number list includes almost all the essentials you need to measure your content’s performance .

This dashboard is an attempt to unify these diverse content goals into a single platform. It also comes with a guide to help you understand how to use the dashboard, which will teach you the most accurate way to analyze your content and discover insights.

The following screen will appear

Building the landing page report in the visualization areaCreating a Landing Page Report BO Leads from the Visualization Area

Landing page report in ExplorationsLanding Pages Report in Navigation

Can Google Analytics help you with your content ideas?
As discussed earlier, content grouping can help you understand which content is performing well, giving you insight into what content you should create more of.

If the ‘Other’ group is making up a significant or growing percentage of your content, you may want to dig deeper to determine patterns in the content your users are engaging with or converting to, then create more of that type of content.

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