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Landing pages are the first impression users have of your site, so it’s important to optimize them. Users tend to judge a website based on their experience with the landing page.

Note: The Landing Pages report may not be easily accessible from standard GA4 reports. With just a few clicks, you can include them in standard reports or create them through exploration that provides additional metrics, such as entry and exit, that are not available in the default reports. Here we will use navigation, which allows us to further customize the report.

Entrance : The number of times the first event of the session occurred on the page or screen. In most cases, that event is a page view event. The entries therefore show how many times a user entered the website through these pages.

Use these metrics to create your landing page report

However, keep in mind that high-traffic pages should also have reasonable engagement levels. It’s best to define reasonable in a way that makes sense to you (you could even use industry benchmarks). If your engagement is very low, it may mean that you succeeded in capturing telemarketing lists users’ attention but did not meet expectations. In this case, further investigation is required.

Always ask yourself if your page is doing its job properly.

landing page
Unlike the Pages and Screens report, which considers all pages on your site, the Landing Pages report shows the first page users see when they visit your site.

For example, if you stumble upon this page while searching for instructions on performing content analysis in GA4, GA4 would classify this page as a landing page if it was your first visit to the site.

Two questions to ask: What should I do if this happens

Then, look specifically at your page titles and screen classes and consider the following to find conversion opportunities for your content:

1. Look at BO Leads which pages have the highest conversion rates and compare them to those that don’t to understand why. Increase the value of your low-converting pages and get them more action by mimicking the features of successful pages.

Pages with high conversion rates but low views need more promotion through other marketing channels, and these pages need more exposure to attract more attention.

2. If you have a page that gets a lot of views but a low conversion rate, look for ways to increase the conversion rate on that page. For example, adding a lead magnet can help increase conversions.

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