9 tools to monitor and analyze online competition

Find out everything about your competitors on the web using the best analysis tools. Every web marketing strategy must be plann. bas on deep and detail analyzes of what is outside your company. Market, customers, everything must be explor . Among all these elements to evaluate, one of the most important is competition. Companies or professionals who perform the same role as you, in the same sector, must be studi in depth. Only in this way will you be able to carve out a unique space where you can talk alone with your customers. 

Why monitor competitors?

Monitoring your competitors allows you to work on at least two fronts . Special Data On the one hand you can obtain all that essential data to understand how they act and consequently plan. And personalize your strategy in a different way. This way you will be able to propose better and more incisive solutions and approaches. On the other hand, however, you will be able to browse through their ideas . Maybe learn a few more techniques and develop some useful ideas. But this is only a small part of the information you can find and which you can put at the service of your strategy.

Website Grader – recommended for a general competitor analysis

It is an online software that guarantees a complete evaluation of the competitor . BO Leads Website structure, seo optimization, blog performance, use of social posts. Site responsiveness and lead generation are the elements . Taken into consideration and which you will be able to learn about. This platform also allows you to have a general. And complete idea of the competition . Considering all aspects. As happens with marketing grader.It is one of the most powerful seo tools in existence. It allows you to comprehensively compare two sites based. On specific parameters, for example, traffic, backlinks and ranking. It also supports keyword management . From keyword research for organic and paid positioning. To the evaluation of keywords chosen by competitors. This is possible by producing a report that. For each keyword chosen, provides details on similar and competing keywords.

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