The Administrative Coordinator will be responsible for providing I WANT TO administrative support to the team. A  including scheduling meetings, maintaining documentation and preparing reports. The ideal candidate will have a high level of organizational ability and excellent communication skills. If you are interested in joining our team and supporting our operations, please submit your … Read moreI WANT TO ACCESS THE COURSE

New provisions have been introduced on mandatory

The impact of the web : the index uses social. Economic and political indicators to evaluate the impact of the web on these dimensions. This includes measures of social networking. Internet business use and e-participation.A dynamic and demanding market New provisions have been introduced on mandatoryThe online sale of clothing. Fashion accessories and everything fashionable … Read moreNew provisions have been introduced on mandatory

Put in the account the necessary materials

 We are talking about cost, To try to be clearer, imagine a painter, How would you define his minimum hourly labor cost? You ne, to put in the account the necessary materials and how much he ne,s to receive per month to survive, Divide this by 160 working hours and that’s it, you have his … Read morePut in the account the necessary materials

How Does the CCPA Differ From GDPR?

Specifically those that satisfy these three conditions: they make more than $25 million in gross revenue they hold data on over 50.000 consumers they earn at least 50% of their income through data brokers (i.e.. Selling consumer data) it’s understandable why the digital giants above are so oppose to this act. But there is another … Read moreHow Does the CCPA Differ From GDPR?

9 tools to monitor and analyze online competition

Find out everything about your competitors on the web using the best analysis tools. Every web marketing strategy must be plann. bas on deep and detail analyzes of what is outside your company. Market, customers, everything must be explor . Among all these elements to evaluate, one of the most important is competition. Companies or … Read more9 tools to monitor and analyze online competition

The use of social media: 2019 data

How did italians use social networks this year? And what should we expect next? Let’s analyze some data. There is no doubt now, social mia is a real resource for your business . But to use them to the fullest extent possible . And use them in the most appropriate way for your company. It … Read moreThe use of social media: 2019 data

Customer journey: what is it

Knowing the purchasing path of your buyer personas is a fundamental. Resource for your inbound marketing actions Each customer, before becoming one, undertakes his own purchasing process . It is a real journey, a journey structur in phases. That lead him to the final expense and therefore to satisfying his ne for him. All of … Read moreCustomer journey: what is it

Corporate storytelling: what is it

The importance, elements and fundamental. Phases of storytelling, to build an effective story, also for your business. We have always been us to communicating . We do it to discuss, get to know each other, exchange ideas and propose our point of view. Communication, in fact, offers content in a clear and evident way . … Read moreCorporate storytelling: what is it

Impact of Read Receipt

It’s also very easy to use, with automatic  so you can read messages and a visual editor that gives you plenty of opions to customize your voice recorders. For more advanced podcasters, there are powerful eatures like a multi-user inbox, audio bitrate selection, split screen for sharing interview questions, and the option to upload audio … Read moreImpact of Read Receipt

Víctor addresses topics related to

The owner loses confidence in the future of the company and is willing to sell it to the management ( Believe in the future of the company ),In order to retain some corporate investment values, management sees values that business owners do not see and do not want to pursue. In most cases, the management … Read moreVíctor addresses topics related to