The use of social media: 2019 data

How did italians use social networks this year? And what should we expect next? Let’s analyze some data. There is no doubt now, social mia is a real resource for your business . But to use them to the fullest extent possible . And use them in the most appropriate way for your company. It is not enough to rely on hypotheses, you must always keep the data in mind. In fact, bas on statistics and numbers. You will be able to set up your social mia marketing strategy in the most appropriate way . Let’s start from the data collect this year . To arrive at forecasts for the next one and have clearer ideas on your next moves on social mia. 

How many people are there on the web?

The first relevant data is the significant acceleration. Latest data In the growth of online users, which characterized 2019. Suffice it to say that in five years the number of people in the world on the internet has grown by over 75% . As far as italians are concerned , the use of social media is increasingly massive. A report by we are social highlights the 27% increase in internet . Use compared to 2018, which translates into a total of 54.80 million people using the web. In practice, 92% of italians are online . Among these, over 35 million are active on social media . (especially facebook and instagram). 

How much time do we spend on social media?

Let’s start from an assumption: 98% of people access a BO Leads social platform every day . According to Global WebIndex estimates. We Italians spend around 6 hours a day browsing the internet , even from different devices. Of this time, approximately 2 hours and 16 minutes are spent on social networks . In other words, social pages take up about a third of the total time spent online. Another interesting data is on the type of devices used for navigation. In fact, people tend to spend half of their time online on mobile devices . In short, cell phones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular for using the internet.

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