Customer journey: what is it

Knowing the purchasing path of your buyer personas is a fundamental. Resource for your inbound marketing actions Each customer, before becoming one, undertakes his own purchasing process . It is a real journey, a journey structur in phases. That lead him to the final expense and therefore to satisfying his ne for him. All of this is the customer, or buyer, journey . Knowing and knowing how to exploit all its steps is the basis of a good I nbound marketing strategy . Let’s find out together what it is. Let’s put ourselves, therefore, in the shoes of a consumer of the reference target. The purchase will rarely be made on impulse. In fact, all of us, when faced with an expense, experience three very distinct phases . 

Before the customer journey, the buyer personas

We are about to travel on a road design specifically for New Database  your specific audience, but who is this audience? Thus arises the ne to thoroughly understand the people you are addressing . Those you want to talk to and those you want to impress. We are referring precisely to them, the buyer personas . These are not real people. But hypothetical identities defin starting from your real customers. Buyer personas have well-defin and clear interests. Passions and habits , I.E. Key characteristics. That allow you to evaluate which strategy is the most suitable. It is precisely this reference customer of yours. That is at the center of every inbound marketing action and buyer journey . 

What is the customer journey?

From the moment a potential customer becomes aware of your products or services . BO Leads To the moment he contacts your company. Or even makes an actual purchase , the buyer journey takes place. It is the path that every person takes when they have to buy something. This “customer journey” is often virtual. In fact, web communication and the internet world. Increasingly attract the public and influence them on a par with. If not more than, offline advertising. Knowing the buyer journey means knowing who the target audience is and how they behave,. So as to understand what nes to satisfy. Only in this way will you be able to study a tailor-made inbound marketing strategy. To capture your audience and accompany them to purchase. 

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