Put in the account the necessary materials

 We are talking about cost, To try to be clearer, imagine a painter, How would you define his minimum hourly labor cost? You ne, to put in the account the necessary materials and how much he ne,s to receive per month to survive, Divide this by 160 working hours and that’s it, you have his hourly rate, But, we emphasize again, this is the cost, Depending on the experience and quality of the painter, he can add value to your cost, and charge an even higher price, due to his skills, The logic here is the same, Let’s put these parameters in relation to an SEO project, Give an idea of ​​the investment range you can expect.

That you think you are getting a good deal

Our goal? Prevent your company from buying a pig in a poke, That you think you are getting a good deal while paying little when it is clearly unfeasible for this investment to bring the necessary quality, That said, let’s move on, How an SEO project works How an SEO project works As in the example we gave of the painter, now we ne, to understand what makes up an SEO project: what activities  Latest database and professionals are involv,, Here, it is worth remembering that different agencies and professionals will offer different methodologies, and therefore “how it works” may vary, But, for reasoning purposes, let’s consider.

This pillar involves the technical

The methodology we use here at Flammo, which is bas, on 3 fundamental pillars , namely: website optimization; content production; gaining backlinks, Website optimization This pillar involves the technical improvement of the website, or what some will call “ onpage SEO ” or “technical SEO”, Basically, it will be necessary to allocate constant effort to improve technical aspects of your channel, such as spe,, server quality, code cleanliness, traceability, security, mobile operation, among  BO Leads  many others, Normally, when the company already has a website, the project begins by correcting.

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