Estimated time for content production Here

Routines Team Initial deliveries (project start) Recurring deliveries (monthly) Expertise in: -general SEO concepts -project management -project briefing -macro planning -formalization of personas -formalization of keywords -formalization of indicators -general monitoring -performance meetings -control reports -planning review 2. Allocation by activity Now that we have an overview of the actions involved in an SEO project, let’s try to establish the effort required in hours to execute each aspect of the project. See the table: Activity Summary Estimated time per month Website optimization General website improvements.

But if we have initial deliveries and recurring

Content production Text production and optimization. 30h Earning backlinks Relationship with channels and gaining external links. 3pm Planning and control General project guidelines and monthly monitoring 10am TOTAL EFFORT – 70h Right away, you’re probably wondering: “But if we have initial deliveries and recurring deliveries, then the estimated time for the first tasks would be different special data  from that allocated for the monthly actions, right?” Yes, that makes perfect sense. However, for investment estimation purposes, it is simpler to take this effort forecast and apportion it over the project months.

Heavy load of fixes at the beginning

This way, we will have a single monthly investment number, instead of one value for the beginning of the project and another value for the following months. Again, we emphasize: this will vary depending on the agency or professional. Each one will have its own particular pricing and cost policy. Now, it is necessary to explain a little about the criteria used to determine the time for each activity, as detailed in the table. Estimated time for website optimization In most projects, there is a heavy load of fixes at the beginning, but this settles down later. In any case, our estimate here is that the responsible  BO Leads  professional will dedicate at least 3 hours a week checking the quality of the code and other technical aspects of the website , and making the necessary corrections.

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