I give you an idea – buy deals offline and sell online

I give you an idea – buy deals offline. It is a new field that fascinates me and may become something to which I will dedicate a lot of time. At the moment it looks good. As always, I will tell you the new things I will learn during the process.At Ebay, apart from selling, we have a simple objective. A 100% positive reputation .


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I give you an idea – buy deals offline. We received a negative feedback from a buyer for not being executive email list able to fulfill the order due to an inventory failure. ebay marketplace 100% became 99.7% and this is not acceptable. So we set out to remove this downvote. Contact Ebay to remove the vote This is usually the first way and hopefully the quickest. Just like Amazon, Ebay has its policy on when negative votes are removed and when they are not. In our case, experience was valued over the transaction, so there was no room for negotiation. On another occasion we received a negative vote because the  when the tracking said that it was signed and delivered.


It is something that apparently offline and sell online

 oIn this case the evidence was on our side BO Leads and the vote was immediately removed. Contact the buyer to change the vote This is the most complicated part. Luckily, the vast majority of people usually listen to you when you explain that a negative vote has a fairly negative impact on a small business like ours. 

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