My business creation phases in marketplaces – Amazon case

My business creation phases in. The buyer was convinced and in the end gave us a positive vote. We have recovered the 100% positive rating and everyone is happy. Until the next incident. Buyers who have an impeccable reputation do not mean that they have never received a negative review. This is practically impossible, especially if your business is growing.


Account creation and registration My business creation

My business creation phases in. They are those who understand the importance of stars and executive data who would rather lose money on a purchase than have a negative feedback. You always have to think in the long term . Losing 20 euros or even more occasionally weighs less. I will continue telling you.I’m not telling you anything new if I tell you that starting from scratch is difficult. Few succeed by setting up a business as they had imagined it because day to day life diverts you from the initial plan and you need to be strong to always return to the initial path. online business metricsAdobe Stock Photo Rights The most important thing is to maintain the motivation.


Add new listings, sell in Europe and marketplaces – Amazon case

 When there is still no income (or there is little) you have BO Leads to measure other things that bring you closer to it. These are my favorite metrics: Contents [ hide ] 1 Visits from users from the target country 2 Growth and interaction in social networks 3 direct messages received country In the end you don’t have to fool yourself.

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