How to find out the potential of a product on Amazon

How to find out the potential of a product.  Just visits are not enough because if you are an online store that only. Therefore, sells in Spain, traffic from Portugal will not bring you much. It is also important to look at the quality of the visits. If the bounce is very high and the stay , it cannot be said that the people  interest in your offer. 


First step: add a product to your inventory How to find out

How to find out the potential of a product. There was. Therefore, a recent case of an “influencer” with millions of followers who failed to company data sell a minimum amount of 36 t-shirts . Maybe if someone had told her before that a “Like” is not a “I buy you” she would have been better prepared. The key is to have a balance between quantity of followers and quality of interaction . On our collecting project Twitter account we are getting an average of 10 interactions with just 250 followers. Direct . Therefore,messages received A “Like” is closer to “I Buy You” when you start receiving messages from networks or directly you sell.


Second step: analyze the data after 48 hours product on Amazon

Receiving more direct messages BO Leads on networks or contacts through the web form are good indicators that you are getting closer to the goal. Subscribers to your newsletter . Therefore, For many businesses this is a complicated field, especially if the product itself and a  continue not unsubscribe. when receiving the first newsletter.

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