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In my book for example there is an interesting exercise for young families when everyone writes out some of their aspirations – long-term short-term you can do both. And then gives them points. Rules for maintaining a family budget The highest priority is points points and so on. But you cant set dozens of goals for several goals you must definitely sort by importance. Then the two lists are compar and I ask the couple to choose at least one short-term and one long-term goal short is up to year long is more than a year on which they will work together Heres an example.

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About different types of budget In Ukraine there is such a subtype of the budget – a woman earns for herself a man – for both. I think its wrong. It seems to me that the budget should be general. If we are talking about joint plans this is one budget. At the Western Sahara Business Email List same time I recommend that couples have some fix amount per month for their emotional purchases. Here we immiately return to the question of how not to argue about money. Rules for maintaining a family budget Everyone has some kind of hobby. One wants another pair of shoes the other wants to go to a football match of his favorite club.

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Both of them have their own value. And the second side is completely incomprehensible. Therefore it is better to simply have a common budget common goals but so that everyone has some part for which they do not ne to be accountable. Heres a month BO Leads for you take it do whatever you want with This is one type of budget but there are variations. There may be an option when only the husband earns the wife is on maternity leave. Sometimes it happens that a man cannot find a job but a woman is doing well.

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