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There is a scientist Angus Deaton who receiv the Nobel Prize for research. He came up with a figure – thousand a year income for an American family so that money does not interfere with happiness. The essence of his experiment was that while a person earns less than a given amount money affects his satisfaction with life whether he is happy or not. After a certain amount this connection is no longer there. Books I recommend reading icon Love and Budget is my book in Ukrainian about family relationships money and investments. icon Those who want to invest should read one of Warren Buffetts books either about himself or about his investments – he has very correct approaches.

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For people with debt problems perhaps the best book is Total Money Makeover by American expert Dave Ramsey. He has a step by step plan where Uganda Business Email List most of it is about how to get out of debt. icon The book The Richest Man in Babylon is always a top seller on Amazon in personal finance. This is a very interesting book in terms of attitudes towards money. icon For couples I would definitely recommend reading a good relationship book like Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus or The Five Love Languages.

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Simply because money is often the most painful topic. And you ne to learn how to talk about them correctly in the family and plan together.How our and foreign companies win customer loyalty photodacae Alchanova Elena Alchanova BO Leads columnist at Laba Friendly staff easy navigation on the site fast delivery and individual approach – here you feel like a long-await guest who is always welcome. Restaurant supermarket or museum – the staff and owners create an atmosphere and experience that does not leave until the next visit. After all once fac with an ideal service I want to return for it and tell my friends about it.

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