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Any meat – raw or cook – can be order on the website delivery in Kyiv and the nearest suburbs is carri out within three hours. Service and loyalty how to gain trust for a long time Anatoly Usenko director of public relations at Myastoria shares the secrets of the service Service in our business is in the first place next to quality. It does little to attract customers at least – a person should come to us. But already at the entrance we will meet him with a sincere smile tell him show him help him choose offer a recipe marinate cook pack and leave face-to-face with the cashier.

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The same story with delivery – we try to be in time everywhere and inform the client as much as possible about all the details. We consider the feback that we often receive through social networks to be important. Service and loyalty how to gain Tunisia Business Email List trust for a long time We answer as quickly as possible. Sometimes there are negative reviews but we promptly apologize correct make adjustments to business processes and thanks to this become better. All this causes positive emotions they share it – word of mouth works. And this as you know is the most organic attraction of customers.

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How Myastoria keeps the service on top icon Trains employees – the staff understands the assortment of stores and the site talks about delivery preparation packaging. icon Shows that the products are fresh – in the store you can try one of the products to BO Leads choose from. icon Monitors the spe of work – the meat is quickly cook and deliver. Service and loyalty how to gain trust for a long time Barbershop FIRM Kyiv In the first mens barbershop open in Kyiv. Now FIRM is in Minsk Yerevan Zaporozhye Moscow and Vilnius. Masters and clients – only men the list of services haircut with scissors or a clipper styling beard trimming and shaving.

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