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The Ukrainian economy is not energy efficient. Our indicator is 5 times worse than in France Gaidut Katya Gaidut journalist at LABA Nikolay (Nick Turchak is a program manager at Growing Energy Labs. Inc (Geli. Previously worked on small commercial projects for the installation of distributed generation systems in New York – solar energy cogeneration stationary batteries. Nick graduated from the National Aviation University in Kiev with a degree in Radioelectronics and Telecommunications . Later studied Sustainability Management at Columbia University in New York.

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Sustainability management 0 Prior to moving into distributed energy Nick created complex software solutions for online advertising and digital media. We met in Kyiv during his short trip to Ukraine. We discussed the popularity of alternative energy Country Email List abroad and learned more about solar power plants in Ukraine and their prospects. We talked about life in New York the mentality of Americans networking and books. Sustainability management 1 About Me Who am I A person from planet Earth – and this is very important. Because despite all the superstructures we have created we are part of this giant “spaceship”. Sustainability management 2 Our life lasts decades and the Earth – millions of years. Therefore we need to be aware of what we are doing and how we influence it.

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Many scientists believe that not so long ago in the history of the planet began a new geological era – the Anthropocene. Our ancestors lived during the Ice Ages. They depended on the coming and going of ice – the climate was more variable. But after the last warming BO Leads relatively mild weather conditions lasted longer and allowed us to create a civilization. For the last 50 years we have certainly been a force on a planetary scale. The main manifestation of this is climate change. Sustainability management 3 Today we live with a constant desire for development in pursuit of “more” which is expressed in an unbearable rhythm of eternal employment.

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