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If all people on Earth had the standard of living of an average. European then the resources of our planet would simply not be enough. It’s funny but so far the main argument of Americans. Who do not believe in climate change is a rhetorical question with religious overtones. Who are people compar to divine forces and how can they influence nature. In fact most do not realize the real scope and consequences of our negative impact on planetary systems. About an important decision In Ukraine I first worked in the computer business – I sold equipment hard” then I delved more into software software.

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Like many I lived mainly by satisfying my own desires and needs. Sustainability Management 4 But at some point a realization woke up in me: I am a ┬áperson of the collective good. I realized that I want to change the field of activity to do what I believe in. The lofty goal is to make every effort to reduce the negative impact on the climate and increase B2B Email List the chances of the continuation of civilization. I believe that the future is only in our hands. What I’ve done When the crisis hit in 2009 he began to actively consider moving to New York and working in the field of sustainable development. In 2010 I was invite to work in New York. case about the habits of different countries of the world Enter your email GET About studying at Columbia University Getting your first job in New York right away is very difficult.

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It’s even harder to change careers. I applied for several master’s programs although. I already had a Kiev master’s degree and chose an MS in Sustainability Management. At the School of Professional Education at Columbia University in partnership BO Leads with the Earth Institute . Sustainability Management. This program is made similar to the Executive MBA – it is aime at those who have already got into the field of sustainable development management. Who want to systematize their knowledge and improve their skills. Much attention is paid not only to the physical component (energy waste greenhouse gases but also to the legislative financial corporate etc.

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